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Board Members

Tom has served as the President of Taylor Wiseman & Taylor since his election by the Board of Directors in 2012. For ten years prior, he had served as either the Corporate Secretary or Secretary/Treasurer. Since joining the firm 30 years ago, Tom has served as the company’s Structural Design Lead and later, the Manager of the Transportation-Structural Division. Under his direction, the firm completed many successful Transportation projects of varying size and complexity. 

Tom has been extensively involved in the furtherance of the engineering and surveying professions by his commitments as the (past) President of the American Society of Highway Engineers of Southern NJ, the President and National Director for the American Council of Engineering Companies of NJ, as well as Treasurer of the Cross County Connection, a Transportation Management Association.
He takes great pride in his involvement with the West Jersey Council of Proprietors and the former East Jersey Board of Proprietors, the original landowners of the colony of New Jersey. He currently serves as the Surveyor General of the former, and was the last Surveyor General of the latter before its dissolution.
Tom is a proud alumnus of Rutgers University where he graduated with degrees in Civil Engineering (summa cum laude) and Business Administration. While at Rutgers, he played basketball and became an NCAA All-American Athlete and was Co-Captain of the Track and Field Team. While working and beginning to raise a family, he also found time to attend Drexel University, subsequently earning a Masters Degree in Civil/Structural Engineering.
As he is fond of saying, Tom chose Taylor Wiseman & Taylor in 1983 because of their reputation for quality work and the character of their people, and it has been his primary objective to maintain that standard during his tenure.
Executive Vice President

As Manager of the Land Development Division, Bill has supervised the engineering design of many large real estate projects, including corporate headquarters, office and industrial parks, institutional facilities, shopping centers and large scale residential projects. His experience includes site planning and engineering design techniques for grading, stormwater management, water quality and erosion control, and waste water disposal. He is further responsible for liaison with clients, supervision of the civil engineering design on specific projects and coordination with public agencies. He directs the design and construction of major residential, commercial and industrial developments.

In addition, he is responsible for various design specialties including grading and earthwork analysis, planning and design, wastewater systems, water distribution systems, stormwater management design, water quality design, and preparation of cost estimates and specifications.

In order to facilitate the complete design package for site development, Bill also supervises the design of transportation systems to serve developments, including investigation of alternatives. This responsibility involves the direction of roadway and utility projects including the preparation of plans and specifications for road reconstruction, storm drainage systems, water and wastewater systems, parking lots and recreation areas.

An alumnus of Rutgers University, Bill joined Taylor Wiseman & Taylor in 1978.

VP, Secretary/Treasurer, Operations Manager

Mr. Kane has over 25 years experience as an Engineer and Project Manager for Taylor Wiseman & Taylor. His Project Management experience includes a variety of successful residential and commercial development projects, which have included public involvement, extensive environmental/ permitting issues, County and State Highway design, as well as construction contract documents.

As Operations Manager for the firm, Mr. Kane has been responsible for the implementation of the company’s software systems and standards, engineering design software, and staff development.

As a Project Engineer within the Land Development Division, Mr. Kane has been responsible for the design of numerous successful residential and commercial developments. Project management of design projects involves him either directly or in an advisory role in design for horizontal and vertical roadway alignments, stormwater management design, surveying and CADD coordination, cost estimating, and construction involvement. He is responsible for the daily supervision of staff assigned to the project, including coordination with the survey and planning departments. Plan preparation has dictated extensive contact with clients to address construction and permit concerns. He is also responsible for the coordination of obtaining the required project approvals from local, county and state agencies. In addition, he is responsible for submission of application packages to reviewing agencies, such as municipal planning boards, soil conservation districts and the Department of Environmental Protection. This responsibility extends to subsequent interaction with the review agencies to implement review comments.

As the Operations Manager, Mr. Kane has been directly involved with the development of the company’s Intranet and client-accessible Extranet, as well as several web-based applications.He is responsible for the daily supervision of the IT staff and coordination of IT projects throughout the company’s eight offices.His other responsibilities include the implementation of wireless technology, including that used with field data collection, digital reproduction and continued advancement of CADD technology on several platforms.

As a Principal of the firm and Project Manager in the firm’s Land Development Division, Mr. McAnally is responsible for contract preparation, scheduling, and design and construction coordination of various large projects for the firm’s public and private sector clients. These projects require preparation of feasibility studies, subsurface utility investigations, construction plans, quantity and cost estimates, construction and bid documents, acquisition of regulatory agency approvals, and construction management.

Mr. McAnally has worked at Taylor Wiseman & Taylor since 1973. He performs and supervises engineering designs for all aspects of residential, commercial, and industrial land development projects, including land planning, site grading, stormwater management facilities, sanitary sewerage systems, wastewater pumping stations, potable water distribution systems, subsurface utility investigations, utility relocation, roadways and intersections, traffic signalization, soil erosion mitigation measures, and wetlands preservation plans. He coordinates all Federal, State, County and local permit acquisitions.

Additionally, he prepares engineering feasibility studies, construction specifications, earthwork analyses, quantity and cost estimates, and performs construction management and inspection of improvements. Mr. McAnally has reviewed major land development projects, use variance applications, and made recommendations to municipal planning boards and zoning boards. He manages contracts for various large projects, including coordination, preparation of contract documents, receipt of bids, and recommendations for award of contract and contractor payment vouchers.

Vice President/Manager Survey

Rich has served on the Board of Directors since 1997 and has served as a Vice President and Assistant Secretary of TWT over many years. He is a Principal in the firm’s Engineering Division and has managed TWT’s Survey Division since 2010.  Rich is also responsible for contract preparation, scheduling and design coordination of multiple large commercial, office, industrial and residential development projects throughout the Southern New Jersey Region.

Rich has been involved in numerous professional and civic organizations and has served on the Board of Directors of NAIOP, the Haddonfield Y Service Club where he was past president, Haddonfield Recreation Council, Haddonfield Little League, and the SNJDC Construction Committee.

Rich is a registered Professional Engineer, Professional Land Surveyor, and Professional Planner in the state of New Jersey, as well as a registered Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania and Delaware.  With Taylor Wiseman & Taylor for more than 30 years, Rich is a proud alumnus of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and, like so many others, chose Taylor Wiseman & Taylor because of the their quality of work and their reputation.
Manager Site/Civil Engineering Division

As Senior Project Manager, Ed supervises engineering design in the Land Development Division of the firm. He is responsible for coordinating all phases of project development, from site planning through engineering design and acquisition of permits, approvals and support of site construction. Ed has over 25 years of work experience in this area including a wide range of related projects prepared for residential, commercial and industrial developments as well as for State, County, and Municipal clients.

Ed also assists in obtaining permits and approvals from reviewing authorities such as planning boards, Soil Conservation Districts, the New Jersey Department of Transportation, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and utility authorities. He has additional experience in construction management and inspection of excavation, sewer, drainage, water main, concrete curb and paving operations throughout New Jersey.

An alumnus of Drexel University, Ed joined Taylor Wiseman & Taylor in 1985

Vice President/Manager Transportation Division

A Vice President for Taylor Wiseman & Taylor, Tom also serves as the Manager of the firm’s Transportation Division, comprising a team of 20± engineers, surveyors, subject matter experts, and technicians.  Over a span of 30 years, he has served in a variety of roles in the planning and design of Capital Improvement Projects for public sector clients, primarily the NJ Department of Transportation, and in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). His responsibilities have included acting as Design Engineer (bridge, roadway, access, right-of-way, signing, striping, traffic control, drainage, guide rail, etc.), Roadway Design Team Leader, Deputy Project Manager, Project Manager, and Quality Assurance Manager.  Some of the more significant projects Tom has been associated with include Garden State Parkway Widening (MP 92-98), Route 55 Freeway, Route I-295 mainline reconstruction and widening (MP 21-25), Route I-295 Reconstruction of Interchanges 14, 17, 18, 19 and 20, Route 17/Essex Street Interchange Reconstruction, and Route 295 Pavement Repair and Rubblization (MP 45-57). Construction costs on these projects ranged from approximately $8M to $100M.

Having prepared and/or supervised right-of-way (ROW) design for dozens Transportation Projects involving over 1,000 parcels, Tom is considered the firm’s ROW subject matter expert.  His responsibilities in this capacity include working with Professional Land Surveyors in establishing existing roadway centerlines, ROW lines, property lines, and easement rights; coordinating with design engineers to ensure that ROW impacts are minimized; supervising the preparation of ROW Maps and Parcel Descriptions; collaborating with ROW appraisers, negotiators and attorneys throughout the ROW acquisition process; preparing Non-Real Estate (NRE) Reports; testifying as an expert witness at Commission Hearings and Jury Trials; supervising the preparation of applications and supporting documents for Riparian Grants and Tidelands Licenses.

Tom sits on the Board of Directors for American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) Southern NJ Section, is on the Design Subcommittee for the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of NJ, and is a member of the International Right-of-Way Association (IRWA).

A graduate of Temple University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering/Construction Technology, Tom is a licensed Professional Engineer in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. He joined TWT in 1981.

Manager Structural/Geotechnical

Gary is a lead Project Manager within the firm’s Transportation/Structural Division. His expertise lies in the fields of structural, geotechnical and dam engineering, and he manages all projects whose main purpose is structure replacement and rehabilitation. 

He supervises all geotechnical investigations consisting of soil borings and sample testing programs, as well as performing the geotechnical analyses and foundation recommendations and structural design for numerous roadway, bridge, culvert, noise barriers, overhead sign structures and dam design projects.

A graduate of Drexel University, Gary has been with the firm since 1983 and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Maryland.

Principal-Transportation Division

Bruce has spent has entire working career at TWT since graduating from Bucknell University in 1986 with a degree in Civil Engineering.  He is currently a Principal with the firm’s Transportation-Roadway Division and specializes in County road widening and intersection improvement projects, as well as scope development and final design projects for the NJDOT and Metropolitan Planning Organizations such as the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.  During his prior tenure with the firm’s Land Development Division, Bruce was involved in the design, permitting and construction management of residential subdivisions and commercial/office sites.  On occasion, Bruce has also been called upon to guide TWT’s Raleigh/Cary North Carolina regional office during management transitions.

These southern assignments have allowed Bruce to pursue his lifelong passion for golf on a year-round basis. When not golfing, Bruce spends his remaining available time serving on the Property Committee at his church, periodically on the Church Council, serving as Secretary/Treasurer of his Homeowner’s Association, and as Treasurer and Board Member of Cross County Connection, a Transportation Management Agency. In past years, he has volunteered as ASCE Newsletter Editor, Younger Member Director, and Treasurer. 

Bruce appreciates that the diversity of TWT services and assignments has enabled him to develop a well-rounded engineering and management background.  Bruce resides in Medford with his wife PJ.

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